Available in the new "Mold" with printed logo... 
￿ Super Ball ￿ COLOR !

Colors may vary slightly from above.

Super Ball ￿ COLOR
Now in stock and shipping !!!

(black is no longer available) :(

These brand new Wham-O ￿ Super Balls ￿ are made in the new 1 11/16" Mold" and are
among the first ever Wham-O
￿ Super Balls￿ to have no molded-in logo - - rather the logo is printed on the ball.

Other differences are that the balls are available in beautiful new bright colors (green, orange, pink and blue) - -
the first colored balls since the purple in 1998... and again they are in brand new packaging for 2011 (please see picture below).

Measuring approximately 1 11/16" in diameter, (1/4" smaller than the original large '65's... and 1/8" smaller than the '98 and '76 balls),
these are all mint in their original new packaging.

The balls themselves
are made in green, orange, pink and blue, and bear only a white printed logo and lot number...,
 and the word "China" molded in to the ball near the seam.  Wham-O's
￿ name appears only on the packaging now.

Balls are $3.99 each (minimum order is four (4) balls for $15.96 plus sales tax (if applicable) and Priority Mail shipping.
Shipping is typically $5.95* (for four balls) or $10.70* shipping for from 8 to 24 balls)
Please see quantity ball costs below.   (*US locations only*)

Payment may be made online using PayPal below (uses my Netvideo Solutions,
account), or, if you don't have a PayPal account you may simply call 714.381.0101
and pay with your credit card over the phone.

If you prefer to pay with a check or money order, please send me an e-mail specifying
desired quantities.  I will quickly respond confirming your order and will provide
payment details.  (Payment by check delays shipment until check clears.)

*Please note:  I only ship to locations within the United States for logistical reasons.
 If you live outside the US but have someone in the US that can receive these for you,
please contact me prior to purchase as I'm happy to work with you.

Super Ball ￿ COLOR
Now in stock and shipping !!!

New packaging may be different from that pictured

Buy four (4) new balls - ASSORTED COLORS : $15.96 plus $5.95 Priority Mail shipping ($21.91 total plus tax if applicable):

Buy eight (8) new balls - ASSORTED COLORS (2 of each) : $31.92 plus $15.05 Priority Mail shipping with insurance ($46.97 total plus tax if applicable):

Thank You!


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