Welcome to superballs.com, my tribute to "the most amazing ball ever created by science."
Welcome to superballs.com, my tribute to "the most amazing ball ever created by science."
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Introducing ... a superballs.com exclusive ... for the "serious" Super Ball  player ...a genuine leather " Holster " for your Super Ball  !

Original Wham-O  Super Ball  History My Wham-O  Super Ball  History "Head's Up" In These Places...





Wham-O  Super Ball  Fact Sheet Wham-O  Super Ball  Patent - 1965 Can You Invent A Million-Dollar Fad?

Original "1965" Wham-O  Super Ball  Pictures Wham-O  Super Ball  Family Portrait - 1969 "1998" Wham-O  Super Ball  Pictures

Wham-O  Super Ball  Packaging Wham-O  Super Ball  Deviations Wham-O  Super Ball  Imposters

Tired of bouncing icons? Click browser "stop" (at just the right time:)... or go here !
The 2001 Super Ball Keychain - Revisited.
Check out some Wham-O Super Ball products that never flew!!!
Click here to see some great old Wham-O Super Ball commercials !
See my "bounce tests" (answers that "does this guy have a life?" question)
You voted the Super Ball as one of "The Greatest Toys of the (last) Millennium"
New Original Wham-O "2013 Mold" Super Balls
In Custom Printed Packages (little boxes)
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Please accept this invitation to join in the Celebration of Everything Wham-O !!!
Check out "New Amazing Fun" and share your Wham-O stories
The Super Ball is featured on the History Channel's "Modern Marvels - 60's Tech"
  Now available on DVD - - purchase directly from The History Channel here or go here  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xya5tb_modern-marvels-60-s-tech_tech
to see the episode, and skip to the 8:20 mark for the story on our beloved ball. :)
Customer contributions to Auction for America - - Thank You !!!

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